Charles Brinamen, Psy.D.


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Flood Building

870 Market Street, Suite 753

San Francisco, CA  94102

License #PSY17926

BART/Muni: Powell Street Station

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I began offering consultation in 1996 to several childcare programs. Overtime, I expanded my consultation efforts to other types of service organizations: shelters, subsidy programs, family resource centers, resource and referral lines, afterschool programs, mental health consultation programs, and other social service programs serving children and parents. Although most of my work is longer term consultation, I offer trainings and workshops, teach classes, and consult short term. The focus includes anything that might affect the quality of your services and staff-family relationships: children, staff-parent relationships, staff relationships, and administration. Most often this work is about the adult relationships that surround children. Please read more about the range of services available for your staff at Agencies & Programs.

Consultations, Training & Supervision



Agencies & Programs

Clinicians & Consultants

Since 1999, I have been consulting to and supervising both licensed and license-eligible clinicians who are learning several different types of clinical modalities: psychotherapy, consultation, child-parent psychotherapy, play therapy, therapeutic groups and preschools, and infant mental health services. I’ve designed and implemented several training programs and have offered individual consultation and supervision to over 20 clinicians over the last 12 years. If you have further questions, please click on the following link: Clinicians & Consultants.

Early Childhood Professionals

California has been a leader in infant mental health for over 30 years, but only recently instituted an endorsement process for infant mental health professionals. I have been endorsed as an Infant Mental Health Specialist and Reflective Practice Facilitator Mentor. This is the highest level of endorsement and means that I can offer reflective practice and training to infant mental health professionals seeking endorsement at any level (Infant mental health core providers and specialists; and reflective practice facilitators, Level I, II, and Mentor). More information about how I can assist you in your endorsement application is available at: Early Childhood Professionals