Charles Brinamen, Psy.D.


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License #PSY17926

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About Me


I enjoy my work. I am curious about how my clients’ came to understand the world. Looking together for moments or openings that can help someone see or engage that world differently or feel relief from burdens can be quite exciting whether with children or adults. I feel lucky that I get to share in that process.

Over the last 14 years, I’ve always practiced therapy with both adults and children. These dual practices have enhanced each other. Having extensive hands-on experience with children of all ages helps me to see how adults came to be who they are. The various forms of children’s therapies I’ve practiced require careful listening and attention to both verbal and non-verbal cues and have helped me to attend more closely to a wider range of expression in adults.

My adult therapy experience has informed the essential work with parents that is absolutely necessary in children’s services. I believe that I am able to see and balance each perspective in the parent-child relationship.

Helping one understand the other is the cornerstone of my consultation efforts over the same 15 years. I hope that my work in all three endeavors improves current relationships and creates bridges and openness for new connections.

Below you’ll find brief descriptions of my work. For more specific information, please see the links above.


As my welcome suggested, I’ve been working with children of all ages for 20 years as a therapist for 14. I’ve worked in a variety of settings: child care programs, therapeutic preschools, special day classes in elementary and middle schools, residential programs for children and adolescents, mental health clinics, home visiting programs, and hospitals. I’ve worked with all ages in my private practice. Infants, toddlers, preschoolers have been a large part of my practice and training, but I have also consistently worked with older children and adolescents. Many of the children and families I’ve worked with are in the process of foster care or adoption.


I have always carried adult clients from a range of life experiences and current symptoms. My patients have been diverse in ethnicity, culture, and class. My particular interest in marginalized populations including gay and lesbian clients dates to my first training experience.


Since 1996, I’ve devoted a great deal of time helping other professionals improve the quality of care offered to children through consultation to infant-mental health specialists, child care programs, shelters, and family resource centers, among others. In 2001, I helped to start the first therapeutic preschool in San Francisco and consulted to the staff until it closed in 2010. For the last 10 years, I have been responsible for training interns at UCSF’s Infant-Parent Program and clinicians from numerous programs in consultation. 


I have supervised and taught interns as well as licensed clinicians in consultation, child-parent psychotherapy, child-play therapy, and infant mental health for more than a decade in a number of different programs including UCSF’s Infant-Parent Program, the Children’s Council of San Francisco, and programs funded by First Five of Santa Clara and San Mateo Counties, among others. I have also written about, presented, and taught supervision and reflective practice to others.

Experience Overview